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Avengers Gynocentric Vid Recs

This isn't an exhaustive list by any means; just some of my personal favorites with commentary on why I think they're so awesome. If anyone has additional recs for vids starring Avengers movieverse women, I'd love to hear them. :-)

Budapest by [youtube.com profile] cupoftea991 (Clint-Natasha gen) I'm not always the biggest fan of vids that use clips from actors' other projects, but this one is fun and clever and really works for me. Clint and Natasha backstory, as is probably obvious from the title.

In the Bullpen by [personal profile] genusshrike (Natasha gen) aka, the vid that almost everyone watching this community has seen already. Gorgeous vid about Natasha's role in The Avengers as the (impressive and incredibly effective) sole female member of the team.

So What by [personal profile] kaydeefalls (Darcy, Jane, Maria Hill, Natasha, Peggy, Pepper, and Sif gen) Each of these women shines in this vid. Every time I watch it, I laugh a little and cry a little and fall in love with these characters all over again.

Come On, Skinny Love by [youtube.com profile] MinnieParasol (Natasha/Pepper) Quoting the summary: "In which Iron Man 2 is a love story gone wrong, where a spy falls for someone while undercover, a CEO falls for someone who doesn't exist (or not the way she thinks), someone kisses someone, someone's heart breaks, and, possibly, they kiss and make up when the bullets and robots stop flying."

We Are a Hurricane by [youtube.com profile] sheryloh (Natasha gen) A short, high energy vid about Natasha kicking ass and taking names.

I Don't Believe in Fairytales by [youtube.com profile] TatyanaOracle (Clint/Natasha) Awesome song choice. I really like the depiction of Natasha's and Clint's relationship in this vid; they're intimate but not romantic, and the most important thing about their relationship isn't that they love each other but that they have each other's back.

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